Monday, October 13, 2008

Hints to teachers' favorite books

My book is one of the oldest on the list.
Teri Curp

There's a clue for my book on the library Website. Be sure to look closely at the avatar (the girl that talks).
Christie Eulinger
Library Media Specialist

I taught science and I love "picture" books
Lisa Jacques, Principal
Summit Lakes Middle School

My book is old, but not as old as Teri's.
Alyssa Becho
Learning Specialist

He is the Wizard of Westwood................and won 10 NCAA Championships!
Mrs. Julie Ferguson

My book doesn't take a bite out of apples, but something else red comes to mind.
Susan Sexton
Reading Specialist

Oh c'mon, use your EYE, er . . uh . . . I mean eyes.
Wow. Subtlety is difficult for me.
Brian E. Campbell

My hint: School is sometimes a scary place.
Stacy A. Huffington

My wife thinks I should have been a lawyer.
Damon M. Carr

If you can't find something here, look __________.
Ibby Griffin

If the main character would ask me, I would give her a book.
Susie Zammar

My book is A great book.
Michael Haase

The short teacher (no, not Carr....the other one), loves giants.
Renee Lange

Apparently my clue was bad… my book was published in 1958 and set in 1687.
Alyssa Becho

I had to "scout" out my book.
Sheri McCallum

Lori-Lin Shipman
Modern Language Teacher

The main character is a star!
Liz Ahrens

As a science teacher, I enjoy studying the phases of the moon.
Shannon Boland

My book was written by the richest woman in the world and is not the first in the series.
Alison Stephens

I believe people come into your life for a reason and you might not find out that reason until MUCH later on.
Christy Beavers

The characters in my book live in an underground city.
Jared Lewis

I love to read about adventures in new places. My book has also been made into a movie at least 2 different times.
Bonnie Stevens

My book is part of a "heroic" series :)
Laura Hampton

My book is about a family dealing with some behavior issues.
Ashley Pollman

My book is about a family dealing with a child with a health issue and court issue.
Lavon Kimminau

My favorite was made into a movie for kids...TWICE!
Emily Hobbs

I need to follow the cardinal directions and love a good mystery!
Lori Buatte

I find myself in very good company with the choice of my favorite book.
Beth Akins

My favorite book is about a man of compassion.
Set in the 1930s, this Veterinarian would care for all animals, regardless of their size or importance.
Bob Gard

My book is about a journey children take as they are pulled into a picture.
Cindy Howard

My hint: I am all about time!
Stacy A. Huffington

I like camping
Kristine Smith

Its not really my favorite book, but it goes with theme...
Greg Newport

Tis "fair" in love and war
unless the baseball is hit foul, of course.
Genre: Civil War
Beth Groom

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